The Shipping Corporation of Saudi Arabia Ltd., (SCOSAL), Established in 1966 to provide shipping agency services for ship owners & charterers, with a strong and experienced entrepreneurship, dedicated to offering efficient shipping services at competitive rates.

Through more than 50 years of transition and development, SCOSAL gained experience in shipping agency and becomes one of the oldest and leading shipping company in Saudi Arabia. We served for many national shipping companies of different countries and reputed shipping lines as their agent in Saudi Arabian ports. Our shipping agency experience extends to provide best & unique Agency Services.

SCOSAL has always been aware of the importance of providing quality services, with the implementation of a formalized quality standard in their organization and achieving higher levels of principal’s / charterers satisfaction through the use of modern technology, effective communication, efficient Management and a highly motivated workforce. We maintain excellent relationship with the port authorities and stevedores as well as with other professional bodies with experienced and qualified shipping agency staff. We ensure the smooth and timely berthing and dispatch of vessels. Monitor stevedores for safe handling of Cargo and overall safety of the operation, which confirms principals / charterers best interest.

We offer exclusive agency services with decades of experience. We manage an efficient and client oriented agency department offering first class Services to Ship Owners, Operators and Charterers.
As ship agent, SCOSAL also provides ship-husbanding services for all types of vessels
Our aim to reduce the time for vessel loading or discharging of each port call in order to save guard our principals interest. We are familiar in handling different type of vessels including General Cargo/heavy lifts, Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Livestock, Cruise Liners and Offshore Supply Vessels, in addition to Tugs, Dredgers, Survey Vessels

Our objective is to ensure that vessel spends the minimum amount of time in port. being one of the oldest and leading shipping agents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are representing many state-owned, multi-national and the world reputed shipping companies at Saudi Arabian ports.

We are experienced and equipped to handle all types of vessels

Such as:


We arrange crew sign in / sign off, exit / entry visa arrangement, guarantee letter to the airlines and airport/seaport authority, crew transportation, shore pass arrangement, immigration clearance and crew medical services .

Experienced and efficient boarding officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to service a Vessel’s need.
Overall, we provide the full range of shipping agency services through a network of owned and affiliated offices on the main ports Saudi Arabia.

OWNER PROTECTING AGENT SCOSAL can represent ship owners and their interest for the ship call in Jeddah and Dammam ports. We will monitor and ensure the performance of the cargo operations
In order to keep ship owner interests. Our company staff has the knowledge of local customs/port regulation and executes its responsibilities in most professional manner to ensure the ship owners/principals/ charterers are protected and served positively at Jeddah and Dammam ports.
Our staff makes regular contact with the vessel to make adjustments to berthing programmes. This commitment covers for all service providers and commercial associates with whom our company may interact in the performance of our duties.

Various services can be performed depending upon owner specific needs:

BUNKERS/LUBRICANTS SUPPLY AGENT SCOSAL managing marine fuel trading and brokering through our reputed suppliers. We are serving various international ship owners in Jeddah and Dammam ports. We Known for our integrity, professionalism business relationship.
We are completely consistent in our actions, methods and principles.
Our vast experience in the Field of Bunkering make us value the importance of integrity in a highly competitive marketplace.
SCOSAL are committed to ensuring our clients receive the highest standard of service We promise to meet your bunker and lubricant requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across all time zones.
We understand the ever-changing scenarios that occur in bunkering No matter how Hard it is, we know there is always a solution and we will discover it.

CARGO AND DAMAGE SURVEYS SCOSAL will provides specialized professional surveyor (Master Marine) to the Owners/Principals/Charterers. We offer survey in all major ports of Saudi Arabia. Our company provides versatile services of marine and cargo surveys with first Class quality and reliability. Our clients consist of shippers, charterers, forwarders, Ship owners, manufacturers and importers, etc. When cargo is found damaged, it is necessary to establish the extent of damage and To detect its origin to enable a claim for the loss under the existing insurance cover. The usual procedure in trade business is that when the damage is covered by insurance, The report is submitted to the insurance company and when the liability of damage lies With the shippers, the surveyor’s report is submitted to them for a Claim for compensation. SCOSAL survey offers a wide range of survey services in Saudi Arabia:- Damage survey of cargo * Preloading surveys Project & heavy cargo surveys * Lashing securing surveys Draught surveys * Container surveys (stuffing, damage) Hold cleanness survey * On hire /off hire surveys Bunker surveys * Warehouse/handling surveys

DECK/ENGINE SPARE PARTS AND REPAIR/MAINTENANCE SCOSAL supply ranges from provisions and bonded stores to all kind of technical items For your Deck, Engine, Cabin and Galley department in Jeddah and Dammam port. We have strong relationship with our supplier network guarantees efficiency and ensures delivery of genuine spare parts within short notice and on time at Jeddah and Dammam ports.
We provide professional technical expertise and solutions for engineering services and repair works through Jeddah/Dammam based marine service group.

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